War Games’ Story

Though the team had been working on its first game (FUBAR Cards) since October 2015, War Games LLC was officially founded in January, 2016. We first began as four scrappy veterans; lads and lasses representing both officers and enlisted across the Army, Navy, and Marine Corps. The founders met while contributing as writers for the Duffel Blog, beginning War Games as an answer to the question: “Why not us?”

Since then, War Games had a massively successful Kickstarter, released the FUBAR Base Deck and three expansions, and began laying the groundwork for future expansions and brand new games. Ownership changed slightly in that time as well, settling at a team of three, which includes two of the original founding members.

At War Games, while we intend to eventually foray into mainstream games, our focus as veterans is to reach out and bring fellow vets together. We have made efforts working with charities like Pin-Ups For Vets and Operation Supply Drop, veteran-owned organizations like Young Veterans Brewing Company, and other organizations such as local Veterans of Foreign Wars chapters. We have no illusions of grandeur (we can’t solve the world’s problems alone), but we’re trying to step in the right direction.

The Team